5 Ethical and Sustainable Jewellery Companies Based in Scotland

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Scotland is leading the way for ethical jewellery makers around the world. Known for our metal creation dating back to the Iron Age, handmade metal jewellery is still very popular. At Pretty Pink, we’ve had a lot of customers enquire about ethically sourced jewellery, how we personally make purchases and when we’re looking for products outside our range whether its metals or stones, where do we search?

To help our customers continue their journey of ethical purchasing habits while supporting our local industry we have put together a list of some beautiful Scottish jewellery brands that follow our same beliefs. We just know you will love them! 

What is Ethical Jewellery?

Marie Claire described ethically made jewellery as "jewellery that has no negative impact on the people who make it, or the environment they're produced in". 

The Pillars of Ethical Jewellery

  • Sustainability - does it provide effective financial support to those involved and avoid child labour?
  • Environmentally Conscious - does it consider and protect the environment through its production choices?
  • Community Considerate - does it provide job and life improving opportunities for those involved?

Sheila Fleet - Ethical Jewellery

Photo - Sheila Fleet 

Sheila Fleet - Fine Ethical Jewellery Using Precious Metals and Stones 

Every piece is made to order, handmade in Orkney by local people as well as staff all throughout Scotland. It is very much a family and community run business, with each design inspired by Orkney in some form. 

Ecosse Eclat 

Whilst not based in Scotland, Ecosse Eclat has recently rebranded to pay homage to Isla's late father and her Scottish roots. Ecosse Eclat very much has sustainability at is core. They are currently working on their relaunch to be eco-friendlier and more ethical than they have ever been. 

Alison Macleod - sustainable jewellery scotland

photo - Alison Macleod Jewellers

Alison Macleod

Based in Scotland, Alison and her team handcraft each piece from start to finish. By supporting the Fair Trade Gold Scheme, Alison ensures that her products are transparent and fair to both people and the environment. As well as repurposing old jewellery, you can also work with Alison and her team to create a piece unique to you. 

Lilly Luna - Designer Jewellery, Ethically Made

Lilly Luna are an Edinburgh Jewellery Boutique. They feature products sourced from up and coming designers in the UK or around Europe. They support new talent, providing them with an easier route into the market, whilst keeping the environment and people in mind. 

Rosie Brown

Also based in Edinburgh, Rosie Brown individually designs each piece. They are then handmade in the workshop and hallmarked to Assay Office guidelines. The products are all delivered in an eco friendly gift bag in the Rosie Brown signature gift box.

If you have an ethical jewellery brand that you would like to share with us, get in contact. We are always on the lookout for interesting brands making sustainable choices. 

Ethical Jewellery UK
photo - Alison Macleod Jewellers 




By Erin-Louise Kirsop

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