Ethical & Sustainable Jewellery

At Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery, we recognise the importance of taking care of our planet and the people who call it home. Many of our ethically sourced materials found in our eco-jewellery which we bring to Scotland come from a renewable and sustainable material known as Tagua, or Vegetable Ivory, the harvesting of which creates tens of thousands of jobs for South American residents who reside in the regions of Tropical Rainforest where the specific palm tree species that grow the material are found.


From the skilled hands of workers at small cooperatives in South America who polish the Tagua, drill holes and dye our precious materials, each of our eco-jewellery pieces is then affectionately and delicately handmade in Scotland by Ilana and Amália.

The process of transformation, from tagua nut to Eco-jewellery

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