8 Positives We Have Learnt During Lockdown

Erin Kirsop sustainable

It's been a very long three months. We've long since stopped counting the days. Lockdown has been an extremely difficult time for so many people. As we slowly start making our way towards the light. In an effort to reflect on and remind ourselves of some of the good that has come from this time I thought to share some of the positives I have learnt along the way, hopefully some of these will resonate with you!


Quality time with our families

I've been so lucky to be quarantining with my family, which means we've been spending so much time together! Don't get me wrong, it's not all been plain sailing. It can be difficult to be stuck in a confined space with the same three people day-in day-out, but this time together has made me realise how important it is to prioritise our family time. 


Learning new skills

We've had more time on our hands than ever, a perfect time to take up new hobbies! Like, finally learning how to keep my indoor plants alive. There were border line moments when a few of them were struggling but with a bit of reading to educate myself on specific needs for each plant we began our symbiotic relationship. 


Taking time to relax 

Like watching movies or finally getting through the books you've never had the time to read! Or spending a lot, and I mean A LOT, of time on my skincare routine. 


Appreciating time outdoors

Before this, my time outdoors was spent rushing from one place another. I never really took the time to appreciate, listen and observe the world around me. But now, I think I and many other people will be incorporating walks into their daily routines. This has become a staple for my day and I have found my walks getting longer and longer out of pure enjoyment. 


Getting to know your neighbourhood

I have been getting to know my neighbours, simply by saying hello on our daily walks. These past few months have certainly built a sense of community that I hope will continue. 


Living without a schedule 

Not having a routine can be difficult, but it is always quite freeing to not have something to do or somewhere to be every minute of the day. 


Hitting the pause the button  

Sometimes it's good to hit the pause button. And although a global pandemic is not quite the pause button we expected, it's been nice to slow down and re-evaluate. 



Helping and supporting others 

Pretty Pink has always been focussed on helping people and our environment. Creating ‘A Helping Hand Project’, we aim to share our knowledge of the craft of tagua jewellery whilst offering further financial support to our suppliers. 

Through the challenges we have faced during Covid-19, we have also been inspired. In light of inspirational actions from health workers, businesses and individuals around the globe, we hope to inspire other businesses like ours to respond in similar ways. 

A Helping Hand Project, started on the 7th of April, promises to donate 10% of earned profits to the community of artisans. In particular the single mothers who work on the preparation of the raw tagua seeds into beads for the assembly of our tagua jewellery, who have been unable to work and provide for their families during this time. 

During the first month we raised enough money to buy food to help six families. Entering our second month our project had already grown to help 38 families at the dinner table, reaching far beyond our own supply chain.


This is something that wouldn’t be possible without our amazing customers.


We want to send our love to everyone during this time and we hope to welcome you to the shop soon!


If you have been struggling during this time, we have added some links that may be helpful. 

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