What is ethical jewellery?

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Ethical Jewellery is jewellery that is made with a conscious decision to respect the environment, the natural and the human resources along the whole process from creation to production.

In other words Ethical Jewellery measures responsible sourcing, sustainability and fair-trade

It may come in a recycled or bio degradable package as the way of continuing the environmental ethos.

Ethical Jewellery embraces local communities and culture

Here at Pretty Pink we work closely with our South American partners making sure we embrace their cultures and techniques adapting to our European tastes and trends. We are constantly speaking and swapping skills and feedback to make sure we all grow together and mutually gain valuable skills.

It considers the impact on humans and the environment

In our business as an example there aren't any big companies or manufactories, we work mainly with small family business and people who depend directly on the conservation and the sustainable trade of tagua seeds.

Everyone that participate in the process of making our jewellery are important to us and the environment. From the 'catadores" who collect the seeds from the forest floor respecting the forests to the single parent working from home while looking and providing for their families.

Why should you buy ethical jewellery?

You are buying a product that is made from renewable materials, sustainably made that are beautiful and that pays workers fairly. It first it may seem expensive but remember you are paying for quality materials that take time to be ready, not mass production. Tagua jewellery making for example we have to collect the seeds on the right time of the year, the seeds have to dry than they are treated, died , cut to shapes, polished and that is before we start to make the jewellery. It goes through the hands of many people, a true slow fashion process.

What things to look out for when buying ethical jewellery?

Fair-trade certifications such as FairTrade or FairMined, if they can trace the materials or the people that makes the jewellery.

Eco-friendly packaging such as recyclable or bio degradable

Many ethical companies also give back to the environment either by planting trees, investing in education and more.


Buying ethical jewellery is great, and it's never been easier, the choice it's yours.

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