We are away on a Trade Show, orders from 19th July to 24th July will be posted on 25th July. Thank you for your custom.
We are away on a Trade Show, orders from 19th July to 24th July will be posted on 25th July. Thank you for your custom.
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Five Factors to Consider When Exhibiting at a Jewellery Trade Show For The First Time

Amalia Wragg

Exhibiting at a jewellery trade show can be an incredibly rewarding experience, as it allows exhibitors to showcase their products and services to a wide variety of potential customers. However, in order to ensure that the experience is successful and productive, it is important for exhibitors to take the time to plan ahead and familiarise themselves with best practices for exhibiting at a jewellery trade show. By doing so, exhibitors can maximise their potential to make connections, gain exposure and ultimately drive sales.

When preparing to exhibit at a jewellery trade show, it is important to research the event and its attendees. Knowing who will be attending can help you tailor your display and messaging to their interests and needs. It is also important to create an alluring booth design that stands out from the competition. Consider the layout, lighting and visuals to ensure that your booth grabs attention and draws in customers.

Additionally, identify trends in the jewellery industry before the event to ensure that you are showcasing pieces that will be appealing to attendees. Have a few statement pieces on hand as well as a selection of classic styles. Be prepared to answer questions about materials and processes used for each item. It’s important to have an understanding of the current trends in the industry. Identifying these trends ahead of time will ensure that you are showcasing pieces that will be appealing to attendees. 


  1. Where to go

  2. Size of the stand

  3. Price Strategy

  4. Display

  5. Form of payment



Where to go and which shows are more suited to my product?

The best way to find out about which show would be best for you in my opinion is to go yourself as a “buyer”, take a day or two and make the effort to visit the show. Walk around, pay attention on the kind of customers visit the show, are they the type of customer that would buy your product? there isn’t any point of doing a show that attracts craft buyers if your product is mass produced or vice versa.

Take notes, look at the footfall to see if the show is attracting many buyers ask around, every information you get can be very important when making your final decision.

See if there are any shows near where your business is based, start local if possible as they are usually less expensive than the big shows also you would mean be saving money with daily transport and accommodation, however small shows means smaller crowds too. All factors important to consider as these shows cost a lot of money and you are more likely succeed if you do your homework in advance.

Another very efficient way to gain information about the shows is to chat with the exhibitors at the shows. Most entrepreneurs are happy to chat and share their experiences as long you don’t interfere with their sales as they are there to sell. Be sensible, so if a customer comes along you give them the space work and come back after.


There are many types of shows around the countries, in the UK alone you have:


Scottish Fair

Top Drawer – January and September

Spring Fair / Moda 


Autumn Fair/ Moda -

Home & Gift - July

Size of Jewellery Stand

I believe in starting small and growing organically but if you have loads to spare and want to make a big impact, go all out and get a big stand. In a trade show stands cost thousands and that is just the space, you will have to add lights, shelves and dress it all up, think of a white canvas that you will have to work with. Anything you add via the shows you pay; a different carpet, sockets for your lights. Some of the extras you need to have and others you probably can do without or even better on your own. So watch out for this.

Most shows offer spaces for first timers and they are little but a lot cheaper, I also believe they get a lot of attention as people often look for new products and designs, you will be surrounded by people like you, at similar stage of business development and it will be also a great support to each other and a good way to learn with each other. The fairs are a great way to learn trick form the industry, update your knowledge about the market and share skills and experience.

Going back to size I think you should consider the cost of your product and how much you would have to sell to cover the cost of your stand, is there a need to have more space? Maybe you have so many products that you need a big stand or maybe if you display better you could get away with a smaller stand. Is it just you at your stand? Or do you have more people so that a small stand wouldn’t be able to take all of you without looking crowded. Think about it, less cost is potentially more profit. Specially at the very first show where you don’t have any idea on how much you can make.

Jewellery Pricing Strategy

When I had a shop I lost count on how may artists and craft people that came to my shop with beautiful products with no wholesale price, they had no idea that they could not sell to a shop for the same price they sold to a customer. Shops needs to make a profit too as the have high bills and staff to pay too.

You must make sure that you know your cost to produce your items, that you have a trade price that is what the shop will pay you to buy your products and that you know the mark-up they can sell your products for. The mark up vary according with the industry if you sell food, clothes, cards or jewellery. I am not going to go into details about price but you should have this figured out in order to look professional and to give your future customers the confidence that they can make a good profit selling your products.

Displaying Your Jewellery

Be original and thing outside the box, get inspiration from everywhere you go. Reuse, repurpose and adapt. There is a joy in making your stand, it is an opportunity to showcase your product like you want and to inspire the shops on ways they could also display your products, not everyone can be creative like you so a little visual help can go a long way. We often get people asking for our displays and to take photographs for inspirations. I can write a whole blog about display…


Terms of payment

Someone wants to buy your product so what are your terms of payments? Do you give them a month to pay? Do you do proforma for first time buyers? It all depends on your cash flow and on how confident you are in posting your products for first time buyers without payment in advance. I suggest proforma for those who are starting and it is quite accepted by the customers as you haven’t had a chance to build a relationship with them yet.

I think this is a good start for those who are thinking about exhibiting for the first time, we often get people approaching us with similar questions, so I hope this is helpful to someone.



Leave you comment if you want to know more or would like us to talk about a specific fair.


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