We are going Green with a dash of Pink

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Here at Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery we understand how important it is to save the pennies to make the pounds where possible.
We understand how working together to help each other can also help the environment, after all it is what we do everyday by donating 10% from every purchase to the employees who work for our suppliers .
Many people do not have the money to afford to buy goods on Black Friday. We take a different view, for us, every day is a Green Day.
We believe in taking care of our planet and our team. The harvesting and cultivation of vegetable ivory within the Greater Amazonia Region prevents loggers from chopping down trees to plant soya for biofuels and keeps 35000 people employed. This is how we can help to make a difference. 
On Green Friday as we prefer to name it, rather than Black Friday, we will donate 15% from every purchase to the families of our suppliers as our own personal contribution for them from us all.
We continue to work for a greener planet and throw our splash of pink in to help when and where we can. 
Our Helping Help Project is our focus on Green Friday and every day. Ilana and myself continue with the belief that we will always strive to be greener and continue to help those in our community.
Be part of this movement by browsing our collections Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery  

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