We are away on a Trade Show, orders from 19th July to 24th July will be posted on 25th July. Thank you for your custom.
We are away on a Trade Show, orders from 19th July to 24th July will be posted on 25th July. Thank you for your custom.
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Inviting Light and Embracing Colour - A Summer Solstice

Mari Hintsala solstice summer

Summer Solstice is the summers longest day of the year. Originated from the Latin word Sol + Sistere, solstice has the meaning of "that, which does not move". Some ancient cultures believed that a large increase in sunlight was able to change people's energy at the solstice. This is the time when there is great energy, lots of life, and lots of vibrant colours that you may use.


Yellow Beaded Solstice Necklace

Pretty Pink, eco-friendly handcrafted jewellery, celebrates the brightest day with jewellery that reflects sunlight and your own light. We have a selection of yellow eco-jewellery that embodies Summer in each of our pieces. The Necklace Canoinha is an empowered jewel that brings elegance and exclusivity in the composition of the look, and can be used with other accessories in our store, such as the Yellow Argola Brass Acai or the Yellow Baiana Bombona Earrings.


Summer Yellow Jewellery Collection

Handmade and vegan pieces bring sustainability to your daily life, bringing the glamour of Vegetable Ivory, extracted from the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. In addition of being sustainable, our pieces can be used to complement different styles; boho or casual, and even chic, fulfilling the role of breaking the rigidity of the ensamble, bringing femininity, bringing a light touch of fun for those who search for the solstice light.


Brass and Acai Bracelet

We believe that taking care of our planet is taking care of our people, and we're very proud to collaborate with our customers to work together helping others. In April 2020, due to Covid-19, your support has been going even further, as we donate 10% of all profits of our sales to employees working for our suppliers in South America where many of them have had no support at all through the

Light during this time of apprehension may come in many forms and your light can help many other families. Wear a touch of summer, and warm your soul with our bright sunny colours.

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