Brighten up Your Life with Colourful Jewellery

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You'll be surprised to know what people have asked us in the past "Can jewellery make you happy?" And our answer has always been, absolutely, despite the price or materials! But how do pieces of jewellery make you happy? We would like to explore that here and yet more specifically how a colourful piece of jewellery be it a beaded necklace or delicate earrings can make all the difference. Most importantly, jewellery is an expression of ourselves and when people ask us, "how does jewellery show your personality?" we know just how to answer. So let's drop the pretence that jewellery ought to be precious 18k gold or large stones to be a people pleaser. We work with bright colours, vibrant colours even bold colours that make you feel happy because of the energy they bring to the room. So lets jump into this colour wheel and explore just how this contemporary jewellery design might compliment you and your day!


How Colourful Jewellery Effects Our Mood 

We live our lives in colour. Full, glorious technicolour, from the moment we open our eyes in the morning, to the time we turn off our lights at the end of the day.

The human eye can detect over ten million shades and colours in an almost infinite number of combinations – it is little wonder that our sense of sight is our dominant and most valued sense.

Each one of us surrounds ourselves with colour in our everyday lives. Decorating and adorning our homes and workplaces. Choosing the right clothes for the day, the right shade of lipstick, the right piece of jewellery to complement it. We portray an image, and we carry our colours with us wherever we go.


Wearing Complimentary Colourful Jewellery in Summer

In the summertime we surround ourselves with the vivid colours the bright sunshine allows us to see – from exotic birds, flowers and butterflies to the lush green of a leafy wood or the deep blue of a night sky, tinged with the luminous clouds of a purple and orange sunset.


Brightening Winter Months With Rich Coloured Jewellery

In the darkness of winter we celebrate with multicoloured fireworks and twinkling fairy lights to remind us of brighter days to come; the greens and reds of lush evergreens and the jewel-like spectacle of a stained glass window – colour dissolving in light.

Like our sense of smell, a colour has the power to transport us back in time – a sparkling turquoise blue of a Mediterranean seaside holiday, rainbow colours of a childhood watercolour set, the orange embers of a cosy campfire.

There are sciences and theories surrounding the power of colour to attract, to seduce and to cheer us, measuring our interpretations of colour and the effect that it has on our behaviour and mood. Millions are spent in the pursuit of the correct colour for a brand image, for the interior design of a shop or the feel of a website.


Making Sustainable Jewellery Choices

But here at Pretty Pink we know instinctively, without the need for scientific research, the power of our bright rainforest colours to uplift our spirits and bring joy to our lives - and we keep this firmly in mind when designing and making our beautiful , sustainable tagua jewellery. For us there is no doubt that the spellbinding colours of the natural world around us affect the way we feel, with bright flashes of colour raising a smile, and brightening our days. Our gift to you is the gift of colour, of happiness and joy.

We are sure that our striking and colourful and vibrant jewellery designs will bring as much joy to you when wearing them as they do to us while creating them.

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