Is Black Friday Ethical? It Depends if You're Buying Ethical Goods

Amalia Wragg black friday ethical shopping sale

Ready for the mayhem of Black Friday? Here at Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery we thought long and hard about it, however we strongly believe that even you, our conscious consumers deserve a chance to shop more sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly products.

The Price of Ethical Fashion and Jewellery

We definitely believe that more and more people are trying to buy ethically made items and we encourage people to buy what they absolutely LOVE and will wear for years down the road, however we also recognise that sustainable and ethical fashion comes at a higher price, that price is justified by the quality and craftsmanship of the item, but can be a barrier for some shoppers. It is nice to offer a discount once in a while to reach more people who want to shop ethically.

Conscious Consumers Deserve Deals Too

We believe that Black Friday can give you the chance to buy innovative options to detox from the traditional Black Friday mass market appeal. We want to connect people to the hidden energy of the raw materials we use in our creations letting our customers slow down and immerse in a shopping experience that care for the planet and people.

It is not easy shopping consciously during the holiday season – especially with all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, not to say with the CORONAVIRUS Pandemic, so be sure that this can be a great opportunity for purchasing responsibly on a budget.

What Ethical Jewellery Is on Sale and How Do I Find it?

On top of the 30% store wide discount we will be offering, we will still donate 10% of our sales to “A Helping Hand Project” that we started in April this year at the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic, in an effort to try and help our supply chain in South America.

We know that more than ever that buying ethically is good for people and the planet, but it could actually be good for your own wellbeing too. Together we really can make a difference to our planet and people.

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