5 Best Mother’s Day Jewellery Gifts for 2021

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Looking for Mother’s Day jewellery ideas with fast shipping?

As Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery has so much choice, we’ve made it easier and faster for you to shop for Mother’s Day this year with a single curated collection — all available with fast shipping and optional gift card. Pretty Pink Eco-Jewellery arrives in a beautiful eco-friendly Fairtrade bag.

Read on for our top 5 Mother’s Day gift ideas. This collection includes timeless best-sellers and trending new jewellery. Each piece is finished by hand in Scotland and is a unique, one-of-a-kind gift.

Looking for vegan gifts? We’ve got a huge choice of vegan jewellery. All our jewellery is ethically and sustainably sourced. Read more about our ingredients and small cooperatives in South America.

  1. Mother’s Day Pendant Necklaces

Our stunning pendant necklaces have a natural and boho quality. They add a finishing touch to any outfit. Longer pendant necklaces work particularly well with linen and cotton outfits —making them the ideal choice for travelling, beach holidays and summer.

Made from the tagua nut, these pendants have an organic shape and have been finished in bright, multi-dimensional colours. The Tupi Tagua Nut Pendant is hung on an adjustable Japanese silk cord necklace. Highly wearable, these pendants break up a bust line and add texture and personality. They are all 100% organic, vegan and biodegradable, ethically made in Scotland.

Looking for a jewellery set? Get the Tupi Tagua Nut Pendant with Loop Tagua Nut Earrings.

Tupi Necklaces and Aline Marble Bracelets


  1. Statement Vegan Necklaces

If your mother appreciates ethical jewellery, she’ll love our bold statement necklaces made from 100% vegan ingredients. Our best-selling chunky Tagua Nut Necklace is a perennial favourite and looks equally good in summer and winter.

The neutral and earth tones of the Sofia Chunky Tagua Necklace make it a versatile choice for all outfits. Made from a combination of tagua nut and bombona (vegetable ivory), each necklace is totally unique and natural. Length approximately 55cm.

For a premium jewellery choice, the Kelly Tagua Nut Necklace combines chunky ‘beads’ of natural nut and vegetable ivory, with buttons, and grape seed beads. Colours are harmoniously balanced in natural tones of blue, mustard, and brown.

  1. Mother’s Day Earrings

Our best-selling Folha Tagua Nut Earrings are available in a choice of vibrant colours that match many of our necklaces. Hand-made from slices of vegetable ivory and set on sterling silver plated hooks.

Alternatively, choose the beautifully rounded shape of Baiana Bombona Earrings. Each earring combines one vibrant colour bead with a smaller, neutral flat bead. Set on sterling silver hooks, they can be worn every day of the week, or used to bring a wow factor to a special occasion.

  1. Bracelet Gifts for Mother’s Day

Whether your mother wears vibrant colours, or prefers understated neutral colour palettes, our bracelet collection has something she’ll wear time and time again. There’s no mystery why our Leticia Mini Square Tagua Nut Bracelet is a best-seller. Available in six colour, it’s a beautifully artistic bracelet and totally unique. Wear it as a single bracelet or layered.

  1. Mother’s Day Sale Jewellery

We all love a bargain and an inexpensive Mother’s Day gift is easy when you shop in our Last Chance to Buy’ section. View our sale collection of statement and everyday jewellery at amazing discount prices. Based on our customer reviews, we think your mother will love the Chunky Chocolate Blue Tagua Necklace and the Pano Tagua Nut Necklace. Hurry, only 1 of each left!


Mother’s Day Gift Cards

Not sure which piece to go for? Why not let your mother choose her own jewellery with a Pretty Pink Jewellery Gift Card? It’s the ideal solution. Less impersonal than other gift cards, a jewellery gift card tells her that she should buy something beautiful for herself.

A gift card ensures that your mum will have a unique and personal gift of her choosing from a store that specialises in eco-friendly and vegan jewellery. We offer gift cards from £10.

Convenient and easy — gift cards are delivered by email with instructions on how to redeem them.

That’s it! Our roundup of fabulous jewellery that answers all your questions about what to buy your mother this Mother’s Day. Unique jewellery for a special person.

We will still donate 10% of our sales to “A Helping Hand Project” that we started in April 2020 at the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic, in an effort to try and help our supply chain in South America.

We know that more than ever that buying ethically is good for people and the planet, but it could actually be good for your own wellbeing too. Together we really can make a difference to our planet and people.


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