We are away on a Trade Show, orders from 19th July to 24th July will be posted on 25th July. Thank you for your custom.
We are away on a Trade Show, orders from 19th July to 24th July will be posted on 25th July. Thank you for your custom.
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With Black Friday approaching, big box stores chains and online retailers are investing heavily to promote supposedly unmissable deals. In the last few years, we’ve noticed a growing trend from smaller retailers and the more conscious brands voicing their opinions against all Black Friday represents; consumerism, exaggeration and superfluity.

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Every day we hear about melting ice, droughts, fires and the effect of pollution brought about by man which should make us think more carefully about producing more unnecessary products.

As a conscious brand that is part of a slow fashion movement, we have to be very careful when jumping on to any trends. We do this by weighing the pros and cons so that our decision is true to our brand's morals and sticks to its true ethos. 

After considering the part we want to play in the clash between sustainable living vs rampant consumerism, here is how we see it: 

We don’t like to throw around the word 'SALE' as we think it can lead to mindless purchasing. Further, we work hard to see that everyone involved in our supply chain, from the locals who gather our seeds, to the artisans who prepare them, get a fair wage and are treated respectfully. Our jewellery is produced sustainably and the environment is respected with every step we take. We price our products very carefully and our jewellery is made in a way which minimises waste.

We understand that in the next few weeks, people will be actively looking for gifts and Christmas trinkets and, as an ethical brand, we would love to see those people making a choice to buy more consciously and sustainably. However, when buying multiple gifts, very often on a budget, an ethical brand may be out of reach for some people. With this in mind, we have decided that this is a great opportunity to offer the customers a more affordable price while introducing our ethical brand.

We are not advocating mindless purchasing, as this is not what we are about, but if you have your eye set on some of our jewellery, here is an opportunity to buy with a 30% discount.

By shopping consciously and buying only what we need, together we can make Black Friday greener. 


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