Harrogate Necklace - Lime Accent

Harrogate Necklace - Lime Accent

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The Harrogate Tagua Necklace, a vibrant expression of handmade, natural, and organic elegance. This statement piece boasts a unique macrame clasp, adding a stunning touch to the array of colours derived from Tagua seeds.

With toffee and lime accents, this necklace is a celebration of sustainable fashion. Crafted with care, it is 100% organic, vegan, and biodegradable, aligning seamlessly with eco-friendly and ethical values.

Elevate your style with the Harrogate Tagua Necklace, where every detail speaks volumes about conscious fashion. Shop now for a colourful and sustainable statement piece that redefines handmade beauty.

Embrace the natural and one-of-a-kind charm of our jewellery; slight variations in colour, texture, and size add to the uniqueness of each piece. Make a bold fashion statement while championing sustainability with our captivating and ethically crafted statement necklace.