Petala Tagua Necklace - Blue
Petala Tagua Necklace - Summer Blue - Pretty Pink Jewellery

Petala Tagua Necklace - Blue

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Elevate your style sustainably with the Petala Necklace – a beautiful fusion of handmade, natural, and organic elements. Hand-cut and polished slices of tagua create a captivating focal point, complemented by smaller açai seed beads for a balanced and comfortable design.

This necklace is more than an accessory; it's a commitment to eco-friendly, ethical fashion. Crafted in Ecuador with 100% organic, vegan, and biodegradable materials, the Petala Necklace embodies conscious elegance. It's not just adjustable; it's metal-free, ensuring a customized fit without compromising on comfort.

Make a statement with the Petala Necklace, where every detail reflects a dedication to handmade craftsmanship, natural beauty, and sustainable, ethical practices. Shop now for timeless style that resonates with your values.

    Embrace the natural and one-of-a-kind charm of our jewellery; slight variations in colour, texture, and size add to the uniqueness of each piece. Make a bold fashion statement while championing sustainability with our captivating and ethically crafted statement necklace.