Colonião Grass Handbag - Pretty Pink Jewellery
Colonião Grass Handbag - Pretty Pink Jewellery

Colonião Grass Handbag

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One of a kind beautifully handcraft handbag made of Capim Colonião (Colonial Grass).

The Capim Colonião is a four-strand braid, made from grass collected from the green. As a perennial plant, the colonião grass forms large, dense clumps that can reach 3 meters in height, of African origin, but very common in the Brazilian Central Plateau. Also known as colonhão, guinea grass, horsegrass, among others, it has a particular resistance to the dry cycles of the cerrado and can be planted by the artisans themselves. Once harvested, the fiber needs to be worked on in a maximum of five days after cutting, otherwise it spoils.

The grass loses a lot of nutritional value during the months of April, May and June, so it cannot be used for feeding cattle, being used a lot in the making of handcrafts. From jewellery, decorative items and bags that can last up a lifetime. 

Handmade in Brazil by Juão de Fibra, in Novo Gama, Goiás. Juão is one of the only artisans who master the braiding technique and teaches men and women from different associations to transform the delicate grass into art.

A masterpiece with its intricate braiding, this bag takes over 48 hours to be made.

The procedures of this bag will help Juão deliver his courses, the master works with the most diverse aquatic fibers, land or air, always using the raw material with greater availability in the communities where he works, taking advantage of sustainable management and the search for resilience.

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