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Colombina Bag Pequeña

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A versatile and delicate piece to be carried in all occasions. Entirely handmade, the beautiful and delicate work of weaving from natural Iraca fibers makes a bag to be used in the city's daily life, on casual nights, weekends, days at the beach or in the countryside. Braided strap.

  • 100% handcrafted in Colombia with Iraca Palm
  • We work with artisans to help preserve our their talent, share its legacy and offer pieces that incorporate traditional weaves into modern designs.
  • Size approximately 24cm x 17cm
The Iraca palm craft comes from different regions of Colombia. This art is mastered in the fields of Nariño, Caldas, Atlantico among other regions. Imagine the warm Colombian fields, where more than 400 Iraca palm plants are seeded each month, which join families during all their life, passing the tradition for several generations.
From the moment the seed touches the ground until the creation, the ability and expertise are printed in each piece. This stunning know-how is passed generation to generation by the women head of the family, where grandmothers, moms and daughters weave together for hours with their talented hands.   
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