Our handmade statement jewellery pieces are designed and made 100% here in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Ilana, a Brazilian from Fortaleza, living in Edinburgh for 20 years, has started the company about 15 years ago. She was increasingly aware of a growing demand for eco-jewellery and when she met Amalia, another Brazilian from São Paulo, they joined forces to make their jewellery accessible to more and more people.

Ilana is responsible for all the beautiful designs and together they source the highest quality seeds from South America, where they are hand carved into different shapes, dyed with high quality non toxic dyes that don't fade or bleed and polished for a fine finish. We do take great consideration that our seeds are ethically and fairly harvested.

Once we receive our seeds, Ilana designs our pieces and production starts! Each piece is made by order.

The pieces are finished with a handmade macramé clasps as we don't use metal findings other then on our earrings.