Pretty Pink was founded about 15 years ago by my business partner and friend Ilana here in Edinburgh. From the beginning, Ilana explored materials that reflected our Brazilian land and showed a little of our roots and what we are through them. From working with these seeds Ilana Ewing's cearence roots become art. From Brazilian lands to the studio in Edinburgh, this long journey brings in its path the sustainable balance between the environment and the artisans. A blend of raw materials, colours and textures born in Brazil and worked with respect, responsibility and heart. Ilana and Amália her being from São Paulo, started working together in 2018, aiming to create colourful, happy and attractive pieces and show our roots around Europe and where we have more chances through our art.
We design and make stylish jewellery using natural materials from the Amazon Rainforest such as Vegetable Ivory and acai seeds. Our collections are colourful, stylish and unique, yet they are ethically sourced and produced. All our products are handmade in the UK by our small team of 2. It's quite a long journey from the soil to the final product, but it's also a delicate and affectionate one. The pieces are passed on hand-to-hand. From the skilled hands of workers in small cooperatives in South America to each detail of the creation, workmanship and recreation, that happens in our studio, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Special treatments, cuts, polishing, dying, assembly and packaging. All made with body and soul. The whole process is done creating opportunities and respecting the earth's balance, the home to our seeds. Our Materials: Acai - this is well known! Whether tasted alone or mixed with banana or some other fruit, this very important delight for the Amazonian people is very versatile as well. From the acai tree everything is used ... leaves, fruits, roots, hearts of palm, trunk and bunches. Its leaves are used to cover houses and pulp to make desserts, juices, ice cream. And we use the seed for our eco-jewellery! Nothing is wasted. Tagua - also known as vegetable ivory, a great alternative to it today. She who is native to Brazil and its tropical forests is only harvested after 2 years of the first "Safrinha". The fruit is harvested from the forest floor by the hands of workers from small cooperatives. The seeds are then removed from their shells and allowed to dry in the sun for about 3 months and only after drying do other processes begin.